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Hand Made Sterling Silver and Baltic Cherry Amber Ring; size 10

Material: Baltic Amber
925 Sterling Silver
Ring Size - 8.5
Stone Stone: L-3.3", W-3.2"
Total weight 26.4 g

This beautiful one of a kind sterling silver Baltic amber ring can be worn for any occasion. It is believed that amber brings luck and protection to people and it has been a symbol of love, marriage and eternal youth. Since amber is a natural stone, its shape and size may vary slightly. Each piece is individually handcrafted in Europe. The ring comes in a velvet pouch. Wear amber and feel the energy of this "beaming sun"!

Sterling Silver and Baltic Honey Amber Square Ring "Nelda"

Material: Baltic Amber; 925 Sterling Silver; Total Weight 2.26 g; Stone Size: 0.30" x 0.30"

Sterling Silver and Baltic Honey Amber Kidney Hook Earrings "Isadora"

Material: Baltic Amber; 925 Sterling Silver; Earrings Total Length:1.5"; Total Weight: 5.5 g; Stone size: 0.6"

Who we are :

Holiday Gift Shops is a member of the International Amber Association and a top importer of authentic Baltic amber jewelry in the U.S. All jewelry is produced and shipped from the Baltic region of Europe to our U.S. warehouse. Our baltic jewelry comes in many different forms, from necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets, to pendants and brooches.

What We Do :

We produce and distribute authentic Baltic amber jewelry on the U.S. and European market. We only use natural certified amber and sterling silver for our products (925). We never use pressed amber, amber surrogates, subfossil resins (copals) or synthetic amber.

Questions and Answers : 

Question: Is my item made of real amber?
Answer: As a member of the International Amber Association we are not allowed to make and sell any amber substitutes or pressed amber. Also, we are on the list of recommended companies which are selling amber in Europe and the United States.


Question: What if my item breaks 1 year after I purchased it?

Answer: Dear customer, we give a lifetime warranty on our jewelry. If your item breaks please contact our customer service and we replace it.


Question: Does 925 sterling silver turn your finger green?

Answer: We only use sterling silver in our rings. Each ring stamped with "925".It means that silver alloy has 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. Sterling silver will not turn your finger green.


Question: I bought this ring 3 yrs ago and I love it, but it has become dull. How can I safely clean and polish the amber?

Answer: Sterling silver should not tarnish if you are wearing your ring on a regular basis. The cheapest and simplest way to clean your sterling silver is with baking soda and aluminum foil method. Please refer to the following post for details:

International Amber Assosiation


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